Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Worthy Cause (and my first giveaway!)

Hi everyone!  So 10 months later, I'm back!  Every few months or so I've thought about getting back on the blog but I just have been sort of stuck in doubting myself ("Does anyone really want to read what I have to say?" and other great self talk).

But then something happened.  I've been a blog reader for a long time, and I have found so many great writers, so many sources of comfort and guidance as a mother, and fantastic inspiration as I learn to make my home what I want it to be for my family.  One of my favorite bloggers from the beginning has been Jessica from Balancing Everything (through all of her blog iterations). Recently, Jessica was hit with a health problem, and while she is thankfully on the mend she is now facing resulting financial struggles.

Enter Jessica's friends, Tracy and Kat. I honestly marvel every single day at my incredible good fortune with the friends I have in my life. In more ways than I can count I could not get by without all of them. I want every woman to be as lucky as I am, and Jessica clearly is. Against her objections, and initially unbeknownst to her, Tracy and Kat are organizing a few ways that people can help defray some of the costs that Jessica and her family are facing.  Read this post to learn more.

I feel moved to help by offering an item for the online auction. One of the very first DIY projects that I saw on a blog and thought "I might be able to do that!" was this book page wreath by Lindsay at Makely School For Girls.  It sort of sat in the back of my mind for the longest time, until recently when I had a group of friends over to make one. I finally finished one after many, many glue gun burns and I. Love. It. It is hanging in my living room now and I have wasted so much time gazing lovingly at it. My negative inner voice has hushed up enough to let me to think that maybe other people would want one of my wreaths too! Mine is a little different from Lindsay's, I just chose to roll my pages a little differently.

(For some reason these pics are showing some wonkiness in the colors of the pages, it is much more uniform than it looks.)

The auction should go up sometime next week, so stay tuned here and I will keep you posted. And thanks to Jessica and her friends, I am excited to be back in the blog saddle yet again!



  1. I love it! oh.. and I love reading what you have to say! You have always been a source of support even from a distance.. so hush up those negative thoughts and let it all hang out!

  2. Val! This is so nice, and I'm crying over the kind things you wrote about me. Thank you so much! I'm glad I finally got a chance to look over all the donated items and click through to read more about them. I have checked your blog frequently hoping you'd write again -- I hope you take the plunge! I love you house and would love to see all you've been working on.

    Much love!!